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We rent residential properties to companies that want to use the property for commercial use. From Filming,  office space, care homes, art show case spaces etc. 

Hundreds of companies have private access to the properties we market directly via our website. Their are able to add the specific requirements to what they are looking for and if we do not have the properties that match their criteria our property sourcing team will look for properties and verify the property against our clients specifications. Before directly sending them properties that we believe matches their specifications

One of the companies we work with closely is AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International)

A film commission is a specialised office under the authority of a government entity, or administrative office, with the purpose of promoting the region through the development of film, video, and multimedia production.

Advantages of working with business

  • Up to 30% higher rent than what you would make on the open market

  • Some tenancy agreements are between 5 to 25 years

  • Many of the companies rent the property as a serviced office which mean maintenance and upkeep of the property is to a very high level

Disadvantage - It can take slightly longer to rent to business

Different types of business we rent to

  • Film

  • Sports

  • Care homes

  • Renting your self as a care facility 

  • Professional events

  • Corporate events

  • Videos & Photography e.g. music, property magazines & YouTube

What Rental Markets We Specialise In






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I bought an investment property with my son and his girlfriend. I invested all of the deposit on the house. My son broke up with his girlfriend 5 years before we sold the house. When we sold the house because her name was on the deed she got a third of the profit. Now I set up all my investment under a PLC, with each investors duties and responsibilities and shares payout.

- John Taylor

I used to rent my property to normal high street estate agent. To be honest I got the market rental price of the property and I was happy, I received £300 above my mortgage pay out monthly. I had my property assessed with PIP estate agents. Over the last 4 and a half years. 2 years I my property rented to a film company & received £900 above my mortgage pay out monthly. Currently over the last 2 & a half years. I have rented to corporate companies through PIP & received £800 above my mortgage monthly. Could not be happier

- Mary Stone