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Preparing Your House


Make your investment work for you and relax

White Structure

Decoration and Exterior

If your property is in good decorative and structural order you will attract companies and employees who are likely to return your property to you in the same condition.  When decorating keep it neutral, this also applies to the exterior. 

Peeling paintwork and unsightly bins are definite deterrents.  Make sure everything that needs repairing is completed before the start of a new tenancy.

Tidy Rooms

It may be difficult to achieve but very worthwhile.

Corporate Tenants like space and light! Remember cluttered rooms stay in the memory.

Create more space by removing unnecessary clutter and fitting effective storage solutions throughout. Once you have secured a tenant it is important to have the property professionally cleaned.  This will ensure that at the end of tenancy the tenant will have to do the same

Furnishing & Fittings

The minimum requirement for a corporate let is double beds in each bedroom, a sofa, carpets, curtains/Blinds, a refrigerator, a cooker, a washing machine etc. Most corporate clients require locks on bedroom doors.


Fix any cracks in the walls, broken tiles or locks, replace burned-out light bulbs and carry out all other minor repairs

Ensure your property is 

  • Presentable, clean and tidy

  • Free from damage and damp​

  • Ready for viewing with all repairs and refurbishments completed​

  • ​Free from any structural conditions  such as subsidence


  • Clean or paint the doors, window frames & walls​

  • Ensure the house number is visible & rubbish bins are hidden away​

  • Tidy the garden & mend broken fences​

  • Gardens or sheds should be kept clean & secure

How we work: Corporate Services

We only working with companies and their staff. All our tenants are professional, and most have other residence. So your property will mainly occupied during the week.

We guarantee we will give you the highest rental. Also that if we are interested in your property to start tenancy within 7 to 14 days. We earn our money over a long term basis so it's in our interest to make sure all parties are happy.

Important Information all landlord & Developers should know






Keyboard and Mouse

Landlords - free accounting, property business, assessment setup & advice  

I bought an investment property with my son and his girlfriend. I invested all of the deposit on the house. My son broke up with his girlfriend 5 years before we sold the house. When we sold the house because her name was on the deed she got a third of the profit. Now I set up all my investment under a PLC, with each investors duties and responsibilities and shares payout.

- John Taylor

I used to rent my property to normal high street estate agent. To be honest I got the market rental price of the property and I was happy, I received £300 above my mortgage pay out monthly. I had my property assessed with PIP estate agents. Over the last 4 and a half years. 2 years I my property rented to a film company & received £900 above my mortgage pay out monthly. Currently over the last 2 & a half years. I have rented to corporate companies through PIP & received £800 above my mortgage monthly. Could not be happier

- Mary Stone