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  • EPC is short for Energy Performance Certificate – it is a document that provides an ‘A’ to ‘G’ rating for your property, with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient and ‘G’ being the least.

  • If your property is to be sold or rented, you are by law required to provide an EPC to prospective buyers and tenants. The EPC assessment must be carried out before the property is marketed.

  • Only Accredited Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA’s) can produce EPC’s. The EPC will also have recommendations within the report which suggests improvements that could be made to make the property more energy efficient.

  • Our Domestic Energy Assessors are fully trained and accredited with the award winning

  • Accreditation body Stroma. We will ensure that all EPC assessments are carried as accurate as possible using the latest technology. We also offer free impartial advise on any energy related issues with your property.​

Who needs an Domestic EPC?

  • As of October 2008, the law requires all properties that are built, sold or put up for rent in England and Wales to have an Energy Performance Certificate.

  • Sellers or buyers of homes – All sellers of homes need to ensure that they provide an EPC.

  • Builders – An EPC needs to be provided to buyers of newly built properties.

  • Landlords – If you are a landlord, you’ll need to make an EPC available to prospective tenants the first time you let a home after 1 October 2008. EPCs are only required for properties which are self-contained; so if you’re renting a room to a single tenant sharing facilities, it is not necessary.

  • Tenants – If you are looking at renting an entire property then the landlord must make an EPC available to you free of charge.

Even if you do not fall into the above categories, you can still apply for and receive an EPC. This may be because you want to know how energy efficient your home is and implement improvements suggested by the recommendation report. You may even choose to carry out an EPC for the Green Deal Scheme which allows home owners and tenants to receive funding for home energy improvements.

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