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Holiday Rentals


Make your investment work for you and relax

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This can see one of the highest monthly rent returns, also it has the highest service  for property maintenance and cleaning. You have to be prepared that many people will be in your house, also make sure if you have a freeholder, building management or share front access they are informed your doing holiday rentals 

PIP  we offer a wide range of services to make holiday letting simple and straight-forward

Our industry leading marketing strategy for your property, how we can maximise your income, our dedicated owner care team who take care of everything from answering enquires from before the booking to arranging a cleaner and dealing with keys/ check ins.


We deal with the complete process


  • Higher rents

  • This service has the highest level of home maintenance, care & cleaning

  • We maintain that you will not have any voids

  • Its takes 30 days to set up, your property and start having customers. PIP will have a tenancy with you so we can make sure you get guaranteed rent and have our cleaning team and check in team handle the day to day.



  • It works easier if you have sole entrance to the building,

  • Ideally you need to check or let the freeholder or building management know your going to put your property on the holiday let platform. 

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Landlords - free accounting, property business, assessment setup & advice  

I bought an investment property with my son and his girlfriend. I invested all of the deposit on the house. My son broke up with his girlfriend 5 years before we sold the house. When we sold the house because her name was on the deed she got a third of the profit. Now I set up all my investment under a PLC, with each investors duties and responsibilities and shares payout.

- John Taylor

I used to rent my property to normal high street estate agent. To be honest I got the market rental price of the property and I was happy, I received £300 above my mortgage pay out monthly. I had my property assessed with PIP estate agents. Over the last 4 and a half years. 2 years I my property rented to a film company & received £900 above my mortgage pay out monthly. Currently over the last 2 & a half years. I have rented to corporate companies through PIP & received £800 above my mortgage monthly. Could not be happier

- Mary Stone