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Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will ever make, so when it comes to renting your property out why isn’t it treated like that. It is a must that you have your property assessed against the different property markets and rental types. Some landlords are losing over £10,000 a year just because they gave their property to an lettings agent or put their property on rightmove or open rent without having their property assessed. Many of the websites you know and lettings agents use, only market your property to one or two rental markets.

PIP Clinic will assess your property against all the different rental markets and rental types. Give your property a rental income valuation. Time estimates as to how long it will take to rent your property. Educate you in regards to each market their advantages and disadvantages. Tell you what you need to do to get your property prepared to receive the best rental income from the rental markets and rental types you choose to have your property represented in.

Our trained professional property assessors, assess your potential property performance over the following rental markets: Corporate relocations, business to business , holiday rentals, renting to the council and rent in advance. 

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We can even provide you with a detailed property report that takes your specific property details, area, decorative level, size etc and shows you the comparable of how your property will perform in each market for you to decide which rental markets you want your property to be marketed in.

We have hundreds of franchised agents who specialise in each rental market. What topics will be discussed in each free property assessment

  • Average rental price in each market

  • Average time taken to rent in that market

  • Tenants, company behaviors over a particular tenancy duration and average cost of property maintenance in each market

  • Based on your property what you would need to do in order to make your property get the best from different rental markets you may choose to be part of.

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I bought an investment property with my son and his girlfriend. I invested all of the deposit on the house. My son broke up with his girlfriend 5 years before we sold the house. When we sold the house because her name was on the deed she got a third of the profit. Now I set up all my investment under a PLC, with each investors duties and responsibilities and shares payout.

- John Taylor

I used to rent my property to normal high street estate agent. To be honest I got the market rental price of the property and I was happy, I received £300 above my mortgage pay out monthly. I had my property assessed with PIP estate agents. Over the last 4 and a half years. 2 years I my property rented to a film company & received £900 above my mortgage pay out monthly. Currently over the last 2 & a half years. I have rented to corporate companies through PIP & received £800 above my mortgage monthly. Could not be happier

- Mary Stone