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In most cases you’ll be expected to pay at least one month’s rent in advance.  Rent of course can be paid in full for the term upfront or in advanced payments of 6 – 12 months

How much dilapidation's deposit do I pay? 

Usually our landlords & agents accept deposits equivalent to 4 weeks rent.  This can vary please speak to our administrations team on 020 3603 3763 to confirm the amount relating to the property you are interested in

How much do I pay to take the property off of the market?                                                                                   

In order to secure this property you will need to pay a holding fee of one month’s rent which reserves the property until your scheduled move in date. This holding fee will be deducted from your final balance. To take the property off the market, transfer the holding deposit to the account details below, only after your consultant has confirmed your offer has been agreed


Ensure you are given a break down of the costs before making payment. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a receipt and cost breakdown with the new outstanding balance within 24 hours during the working week and within 48 hours during weekends

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Applicant Details 


Previous Landlord Details


Next of kin - for tenancy agreement preparation


There are a few document we need you to upload with this form. To complete your reference details, if you have not got your initial offer verbally agreed with our agent. You will not be required to send the proof at this stage:

  • One proof of ID (Can be passport or drivers licences)

  • 3 months banks statements

  • 3 months payslips

  • Letter from your employer, state contract type, annual salary, length of employment. (It needs to be letter headed) for letters please scan and upload. For employers emailing directly to us please send email to:

Please upload Proof of ID below

Upload ID (PDF)
Upload ID (Image)

Please upload Bank statements below

Month 1 Bank Statement (PDF)
Month 1 Bank Statments (Image)
Month 2 Bank Statement (PDF)
Month 2 Bank Statments (Image)
Month 3 Bank Statment (PDF)
Month 3 Bank Statments (Image)

Please upload Payslips below

Month 1 Payslip (PDF)
Month 1 Payslip (Image)
Month 2 Payslip (PDF)
Month 2 Payslip (Image)
Month 3 Payslip (PDF)
Month 3 Payslip (Image)

Please upload letter from employer below

Letter from Employer (PDF)
Letter from Employer (Image)

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