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We are the fastest growing network of independent lettings managers and lettings negotiators formed from top high street agencies. We cover the UK with independent lettings managers and negotiators who specialize in every area. They are responsible for making sure our landlords and developers are informed on how to get the best out of their properties.

We have been helping our landlords and developers rent their properties in eight different rental markets, achieving rents up to 26% above market rental price and also getting an advance in rent for up to 12 months and lease agreements that last over 20 years.

PIP was incorporated in 2017 and have over 340 lettings managers and lettings negotiators. We operate and have property developments in all the major cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol.

Between all of our team, we cover the hours of Monday to Sunday 6 am to 10 pm for appointments. These hours can be covered by our agents who schedule their own working hours around what suits them as we believe in a work-life balance. Our agents work 40 hours a month on average, but earnings could be more than a typical lettings agent.


We believe a happier work force translates to the quality of service our clients receive.

SPEEDY TENANT FINDING – When you join us you have the full network of agents in your area working on renting your property. On average, six to eleven lettings agents and negotiators conducting viewings with our database of hundreds of corporate and professional applicants. On average it takes us three to five days to rent your property.

ACHIEVING HIGHER RENTALS – Most lettings agents only rent to 2 or 3 types of tenants, but we operate in 8 rental markets including corporate, holiday rentals and business to business rents. We assess how your property will perform in each rental market as well as letting you know the advantages and disadvantages to each one and then advertise your property in the market of your choice.

BETTER QUALITY OF SERVICE – We have an e-training platform which our agents must pass before they’re on the field. Our agents are regularly assessed and provided with new training to ensure they provide a high level of service. Any complaints including poor services are taken very seriously and can result in the agent being taken off the field with a probation period.


About Us

We started off as a company that charged landlords and lettings agencies hourly for our agents to conducting viewings. We then grew into a company that offered advanced rentals and serviced apartment to corporate companies giving us the experience and knowledge to manage at a luxury level.


Our aim to achieve a lettings business that gives our clients a memorable experience which other property agents cannot compete with. We are now focusing on creating a network that reaches all industries including banking, finance, media, council, sports, recruitment and filming. We believe this will help our clients properties beat the ceiling rental prices, tenancy lengths and service levels. 

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